Hello everyone! Tony here with an update on HCSH.

Three years ago Leditt approached me about putting together a website for an idea of his; Hub City Street Hoops. We had several meetings together, and we agreed to get things in the works, and so I put together his first website for the league. At the time, I was also running the Skate and Sports complexes at at the One-9, so we formed a partnership for the league and for the use of our fantastic gym. Leditt held several events out at our facilities before they were unexpectedly shut down – over two years ago.

We went our separate ways – him maintaining the league and continuing it’s growth and me keeping his site updated when needed.

Fast forward to 2017, and I get a phone call from my old friend waiting to get things really going again, so here we are, getting a new site together with more functionality and a total redesign. This new site will not only convey the details of the league, but will feature players, stats, teams, matches, and many more details relating to the league.

So stay tuned in, 2017 will be a big year for Hub City Street Hoops!